Product Catalog and Product Content Template

Your product catalog would be a subset of Rusbiz E-catalog, which is based on UNSPSC, a global products and services classification method that covers the broadest collection of industries and commodities available today, and designed to facilitate e-commerce transactions by providing geography-independent common nomenclature system.

Benefits for you:
The E-catalog allows computer systems to automatically list similar products and services under a single subcategory, which ensures precise searches.
Detailed product adding mechanism allows you to integrate your product with accurate and up-to-date information. Gives your products global exposure.
Other members of Rusbiz can send you RFQ/I on your products or services right from the E-catalog. Develop, standardize, and update product and related content for a fraction of real cost. Ability to have private and pubic pricing of products and services.

Convenient and industry standard product catalog saves time for you and your buyers. Results Faster purchasing decision and faster product deployment. Acquire new customers.