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Marketing your website
The fascinating thing about website is that you can have 10, 100 even 1000 times more visitors than your brick and mortar company. If you play your cards right, a good portion of these visitors may become your clients. However, with thousands of similar websites vying for attention from the Internet users, marketing a website has become a daunting task!

That’s why, to become successful in online marketing you need the help of professionals. Rusbiz marketing group has enough expertise to create a marketing program specifically for your website.

The marketing program may include:

Submission to search engines
You must have heard that with the help of some, so called professional tools, you can submit your website to hundreds of search engines. The truth is you need to submit your site only to a handful number of major search engines and directories. Most of them, unfortunately, do not accept automatic submitting of domain names. Most prominent once such as Yahoo require fees to submit. Directories are even more difficult. In order to get accepted by directories you have to carefully craft description of the website and submit manually. All these things are complex and tedious jobs for non professionals! Our experts can take care of your submission needs for a very reasonable price.

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Creating brand recognition
Brand recognition involves the company name, website and logo design working together to produce a positive and impressive image. A more memorable image helps increase recognition when buyers return to repurchase your product. They seek the familiar package that has become an icon in their mind.

Other Services
Optimization of your site for search engine
Key word advertisement
Publication of Newsletter
E-mail marketing

Need to market your website? Contact us with your requirement.

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