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Managing deals properly is a difficult but important task for any companies. Whether you are a buyer or a supplier you have to keep track of you deals precisely and efficiently. Large quantity of papers and documents involved a buying or selling process make proper management of business deals a highly complex issue! Companies frequently loose revenues due to inefficient handling of deal management.

Rusbiz’s robust, unique and easy-to-learn deal or supply chain management allows you to execute a substantial portion of buying and selling process online. The enormous benefits of this solution include the following among others:

  • Cost of Purchase Order generation can be reduced from average US$ 76 to just US$ 8
  • Document errors can be reduced to less than one percent
  • Companies can lower more than five percents of their maintenance, repair and operation costs. These five percent savings can turn into 50% of a company’s net profit.

Features of the Deal Management Solution

Request For Quote
From the catalog of your webstore, Rusbiz e-catalog or from e-marketplace — if you have added a product there- buyers can fill up a standard form of RFQ and send it to you.

Once you receive a RFQ, you can edit the form and send a quotation to the buyer.

The buyer, either, can accept your proposal and make a Purchase Order from the Quotation you sent to him. Or make a counter proposal. You in turn, either may accept the offer or send back another offer.

Purchase Order
From your final offer, if all terms and conditions suit him, the buyer can create a Purchase order and send to you.

You, upon receiving the Purchase Order, can create an Invoice and send back. There are also Invoice —payment status —and shipping status tracking mechanisms integrated to
the Deal Management system.

The Invoice generation feature also includes different discount and tax options. You can choose options that suit you best.

  Request For Quote or Information
Purchase Order
Invoice Generation


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