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Although, many magnificent services of Rusbiz are completely free, premium membership allow you to use myriad of unique services for fraction of their costs. BECOME A MEMBER!

B2B Portal
If you are a company with over 50 buyers and sellers and your gross sales exceed over 10 Million US$, you must consider adopting a Private Exchange.
A private exchange or a B2B portal is a website that provides a gateway to information relating to a particular company, its products and services and its buyers and suppliers. Many of the company businesses processes including supply chain, procurement and sales are also get executed through the systems integrated to this website. Read more...

Things have changed dramatically in last couple of years! Having a well-designed and slick website is no longer just a matter of prestige. If your company does not have a high quality website, inadvertently you are seriously damaging your company image! Most of the buyers today even if they find your company name in Yellow Pages or any other sources first thing what they do is check out your company site. Studies show that before making a major purchase over 70 percent of web users make their initial research over the Internet. Read more...

Web Marketing
The fascinating thing about website is that you can have 10, 100 even 1000 times more visitors than your brick and mortar company. If you play your cards right, a good portion of these visitors may become your clients. However, with thousands of similar websites vying for attention from the Internet users, marketing a website has become a daunting task! Read more...

Web Design Packages
If template based website is not for you, and you would like to develop your very own website using our talented web professionals; we have a number of packages for you to choose from. Read more...

Market Research
Russian market is rapidly changing and becoming more mature. With one of the highest GDP growth rate in Europe, demand for products and services are increasing relentlessly, along with it competition is also getting fierce. To successfully penetrate into this market, you need to have a road map. Rusbiz market research tailored to your specific need provides the critical information and direction which work as your road map for achieving success in this expanding market. Read more...

Add products to E-catalog
Adding products to our E-catalog is completely free if you do it by your own! Considering that to convert catalogs to required digital form and adding the products or services to e-catalog is a complicated task, we provide this service to our members. Read more...

In consistence to our mission, is constantly evolving and we are planning to add more services in near future.
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